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and despite all the conveniences of modern life, we seem to have less of it. As a result, we make lunch just another task on our to-do list as opposed to an opportunity to nourish, recharge, and to return to work reenergized. This limitation of time usually leaves us with two options; we can either head over to the closest fast-food kiosk, which is fast & cheap but unhealthy, or we can bring a healthy lunch from home every day, which costs more in time, energy, and money.

Pinto Market is the third option: we want to make real food the new standard in fast food- by providing the convenience, speed, and affordability of a fast-food kiosk, but with healthy, delicious, and homestyle ready-to-eat meals.

Time is our most

precious commodity

Nice Nurse

At every location, you will find a vast selection of salads, bowls, sandwiches & wraps, assorted fruits, hot grab-and-go meals, soups, yoghurt parfaits, desserts and pastries, healthy and gourmet snacks, sushi, hundreds of beverages, and- we wouldn’t forget this one- a Chef’s Table, where you will find a daily rotation of gourmet hot meals featuring flavours from around the world.


We believe that no matter how busy you are, you deserve to eat something nutritious and delicious. We believe that eating good food makes all of us more productive, fulfilled, and happier.

We believe in real food.

Eat good,
do good.

Image by Dan Gold
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